"We chose Caitlin Nightingale as our wedding photographer because everyone in our family agreed that Caitlin is the best photographer in North America. (My family includes four successful photographers, so that’s a big deal.)

Caitlin is well-trained and immensely talented, which means that everyone is photogenic when Caitlin takes your photo. At our wedding, she captured family portraits with all (dozens) of us looking better than we ever have in our lives at the same time, and it was fun! 

In our untraditional family, this is no small feat. Caitlin is remarkably likable, competent and graceful. She knows what she is doing and has a way of directing a shoot so that people listen, cooperate and enjoy it. She was professional from start-to-finish, prepared and on-top-of-it, and she added an energy to the mix that made the moments she captured feel as good as they look in the photos. 

We are part of a big family; everyone has expectations. None of us could be more pleased with the photography experience and outcome, as we are with Caitlin Nightingale Photography."

- Dina, the bride